Class Pricing

Benefits to All Womens Health Classes

All Womens Health classes are not your usually fitness class. Our classes are a step above the rest by providing safe and supervised movements for women during all stages of care.

  1. Our classes are only taken by Physiotherapists or Exercises Physiologists allowing you access to highly skilled and qualified practitioners throughout your whole class to adjust, correct and alter the class.
  2. Women is what we know best ! So we understand your insecurities, hesitations and injuries which is why we design the classes to be inclusive, mood boosting and worthwhile.
  3. All of our classes are private health claimable which means our prices can drop as low as $10-15 per class !
  4. Our classes are documented and reported which means each trainer will know your injuries, treatments and issues before you even step in the door and have your class adjusted.
  5. Small groups allow us to focus on your form and progress. We believe in individual and specialised care

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