Class Timetable

Our Classes

Each class is facilitated by a women’s health physiotherapist. This allows you to have confidence in exercising safely whilst under the watchful eye of each physiotherapist. All classes and exercises can be modified for all fitness levels.

Attend either face to face or via Zoom!

Pre-class Assessment

Prior to beginning classes we recommend a pre-class assessment.
It is required by your health fund if you are planning to claim the classes for a rebate from your health fund.
If you are not planning to claim the classes we still recommend the assessment so that you are aware of your own biomechanics and core strength and so that the classes are optimally tailored to your needs.

When To Begin Classes

If attending our pregnancy or postnatal classes, you can begin classes from 12 weeks into your pregnancy and 6 weeks post birth.

Class Times

Each class runs for 45 minutes

What To Bring

Bring along a drink bottle and towel. 
If you are bringing your bub along please also bring a playmat, capsule or bouncer. We have a creche area filled with toys available for bigger toddlers.


All classes are eligible for health insurance rebates provided you are covered for physiotherapy.

Attend either face to face or via Zoom!

*Babies in prams are welcome at all reformer classes!

Benefits to All Womens Health Classes

All Womens Health classes are not your usually fitness class. Our classes are a step above the rest by providing safe and supervised movements for women during all stages of care.

  1. Our classes are only taken by Physiotherapists or Exercises Physiologists allowing you access to highly skilled and qualified practitioners throughout your whole class to adjust, correct and alter the class.
  2. Women is what we know best ! So we understand your insecurities, hesitations and injuries which is why we design the classes to be inclusive, mood boosting and worthwhile.
  3. All of our classes are private health claimable which means our prices can drop as low as $10-15 per class !
  4. Our classes are documented and reported which means each trainer will know your injuries, treatments and issues before you even step in the door and have your class adjusted.
  5. Small groups allow us to focus on your form and progress. We believe in individual and specialised care