Abdominal Separation/Diastasis Recti

Abdominal Separation or diastatsis recti refers to the stretching of the linea alba (connective tissue) between your rectus abdominis muscles or six pack muscles. This stretching occurs as it allows space for your babies to grow.

This can occur in anyone from babies and children, men, women who’ve never been pregnant as well as women during pregnancy. Here we’ll be referring to abdominal separation caused by pregnancy.

A small amount of widening occurs in all pregnancies, however it can be become an issue if the gap is too wide and remains this way after the delivery of your baby.

Common Symptoms

  • Gap between your stomach muscles
  • Bulging or weakness of your abdominal muscles
  • Tenting or coning seen when you sit up or exercise
  • Low back pain
  • Incontinence or leakage of urine or stools

What To Expect

  • Comprehensive assessment to establish your goals and treatment plan
  • A personalised core abdominal and full body exercise program
  • Education of correct movement habits when caring for your baby
  • Posture awareness and education

How We Can Help

Our individual consultations help to improve your movement habits, strengthen your core abdominal muscles and educate you on safe return to exercise.