Incontinence refers to the involuntary loss of urine or bowel contents. This can commonly occur with a cough, sneeze, heavy lifting and exercise or can occur with not making it to the toilet on time.

Many women experience leaking of urine, quite commonly after having a baby but this doesn’t mean it is normal or something you have to put up with. There has been strong research to show that incontinence can be treated or symptoms improved with physiotherapy.

Common Symptoms

  • Leaking with exercise/ sneeze/ cough/ intercourse
  • Leaking whilst walking to the toilet
  • Frequent urination or many ‘just in case’ toilet visits
  • Fear of social activities due to fear of leaking
  • Use of menstrual pads or liners

What To Expect

  • Comprehensive assessment to establish your goals and treatment plan
  • A personalised pelvic floor and full body exercise program
  • Education of correct movement, bladder and bowel habits
  • Recommendations of any adjunct equipment

How We Can Help

Our individual consultations help to improve your bladder and bowel habits, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, educate you on pelvic floor safe exercises.