Self Management of Headaches

Sit Up Straight! We hear it all the time but does posture actually contribute to headaches? Let’s be clear from the get-go, headaches are caused by more than just your posture, but it can contribute to the overall load on your neck and head regions. There are many different types of headaches, and they are different from a diagnosed migraine. The most common headache which is associated with posture is a cervicogenic headache. A cervicogenic headache arise from the neck and are

Running Again: Returning After Birth

It is always hard to know what checks are needed and how safe it is to return to running. A very common question asked in our clinic is “When can I return to running after birth?” As practitioners we want you to return to what you love doing as soon as possible. However, running can place significant strain on the body of an already exhausted mother trying to heal from birth (whether that’s a c-section or vaginal delivery).   DID YOU KNOW ? Those involved

Painful Periods: Menstrual Pain Solutions

Period pain is nearly unavoidable if you are a female. That being said, every female feels menstrual pain differently. So let’s chat about the basics ! Pain on the first 1-2 days that you bleed is considered “normal” period pain but don’t get us wrong, it can still be intense! Here are some tips you can try at home to help relieve the pain: Heat Use a heat pack, hot water bottle or warm bath during the first 1-2 days of your period. Heat