Elizabeth Lush

Elizabeth Lush


Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapy Clinician, Childbirth Educator, Lead Clinical Educator

Liz fell in love with Women’s Health Physiotherapy as an undergraduate, especially the ability to improve women’s dignity through continence treatment. She has been working with women through all life stages and educating other physiotherapists in women’s health since 1998, working in both small and large teaching hospitals in Sydney and Brisbane as well as private practice. Developing in private practice under extraordinary Musculoskeletal and Sports physiotherapists, Liz looks for both the bigger and smaller picture of client’s health challenges to find together the most effective tools for wellness.

Liz’s great passion is education. Graduating with High Distinction in Adult Education in 2001, Liz wants to help you find the knowledge most effective for your health. Letters from students and physios who gain breakthrough and clients who have transformed their pain or enjoyed a powerful birth experience are Liz’s greatest professional treasures. She assists in teaching and clinical education of UQ physiotherapy students and develops the All Women’s Health staff clinical education and clinical standards.

Liz cherishes the All Women’s Health ethos which keeps kindness at the centre of our practice and collaboration with your team to ensure positive care. Liz undertakes trauma informed practice and client centred care. Liz has personally experienced the importance of interprofessional collaboration in the care of her 4 children.

Her artistic urges sometimes sprawl into clinical work but mostly are expressed through cooking, painting and learning how to garden. Liz loves her parent’s ethos of care; to love a child you need to love the mother.

  • App Sc (Physiotherapy) University Sydney 1997 Grad Cert Adult Education (Childbirth Education) Westmead Hospital NACE accredited, 2001
  • Comittee Member- QPPN (Qld Pelvic Pain Network)


  • APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association + WH gp)
  • WHTA (Women’s Health Training Associates)
  • ICS (International Continence Society,
  • CFA (Continence Foundation of Australia)
  • PPFA (Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia)
  • IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain)
  • APTA (American Physical Therapy Association)


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education (2001, NACE accredited) Westmead Hospital. Childbirth Education and Senior Childbirth Education; pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, training educators – Westmead Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney
  • Perimenopausal Health and treatment options – CFA
  • Fit and Pain free in the Childbearing Year – APA
  • Assessment and Treatment of the Pelvic Floor – APA
  • Clinical Pilates – Qld Pilates Institute
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise, Hydrotherapy and Fitness
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Advanced Overactive Bladder and Bladder Dysfunction – WHTA
  • Genitourinary and Anorectal Pain – WHTA
  • Sexual Dysfunction: Orgasm & Arousal- WHTA
  • Objective Testing – WHTA
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Gellhorn Pessary Fitting Workshop – WHTA
  • Clients affected by Trauma / PTSD (abuse, DV, birth trauma) – WHTA
  • Pelvic Skills Workshop – Prof Peter Deitz
  • Management of Post Operative Gyneacological and gyneaoncological surgery
  • Sports Level 1 – APA
  • Moving in on Occupational Injury – APA