Birth Ready Workshop

Birth Ready Workshop

Take this 4 hour course to translate active birth preparation INTO the birth room for an empowered birth experience.

How many women have undertaken fantastic birth preparation, reading great books, attending hypnobirthing or gentle birthing courses, and then been frustrated when those tools didn’t translate into the birth room?

A positive birth experience held just out of arm’s reach.

What To Expect

Birth Ready is a unique birth workshop that helps you translate birth preparation into a positive birth experience by equipping partners with essential tools for labour support and advocating mum’s needs during the unexpected. This practical session enables women to identify their “gateways” back into the headspace needed for physiological labour.

Birth Ready empowers couples with questions that build trust in your obstetric carers so you can respectfully keep your body in charge in the birth room and enjoy the safety your team provides you and your baby.

This workshop equips you with the latest research and knowledge that reduces perineal trauma and promotes effective pushing and recovery. Birth Ready equips couples with practical techniques should an epidural be required.

Enjoy all this in our spacious class room with spectacular views, Botanica lunch plus time to reflect as a couple to ensure you remember essential knowledge.

Your Workshop Also Offers

Lunch from the amazing Botanica Real Food
Take home birthing relief kit which includes:

  • Genuine Aboriginal artwork for your Rebozo.
  • Peanut balls important for labour plus postural relief during breastfeeding
  • Stress balls
  • Birth position and pain relief booklet developed from decades of Liz’s clinical experience and collaboration with couples.

Each kit donates $2 towards improving foster care resources


Liz’s extensive experience as a Senior Childbirth Educator in teaching hospitals and private practice, and her training in pain science, pelvic health and adult education gives you unique knowledge that anchors the whirlwind of available information into practical tools that change pain and empower couples.

Cost: $420 per couple including kit, claimable on private health.

Each kit donates $2 towards improving foster care resources

Frequently Asked Questions

No, more than half the couples who attend this workshop are couples who have had a difficult birth experience the first time and want to find ways to translate preparation into the birth room. Read the stories below of couples who have transformed their birth experience with the knowledge and tools from birth ready.

Yes, both you and your partner can claim this course. Ergonomic education will be provided to partners so they can deliver comfort techniques in a way that does not strain their spine or previous injuries. Advise our team if your partner will be claiming.

Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated and any scents or playlists/ headphones you are wanting to trial. Botanica lunch and birth relief kits are provided.

This course is specifically focused on knowledge and practical skills that translate birth tools into the birth room. Rather than preparing for a best-case scenario, Birth Ready provides knowledge and tools that enable you to recover from unexpected pain or challenges. The privilege of attending reunions with many couples over many years has given Liz insight into the gaps that occur for women and their partners, and the importance of being ready for the unexpected. Birth Ready also focuses on eliminating a “birth as a battlefield” mindset and finding the tools that enable you to trust your obstetric care.

What have other couples said about the difference this course makes?

S + B “I was induced but was still able to have a natural unmedicated birth with the active birthing techniques”

T “You really did change my mindset and because of you my birth experience was amazing. Like actually amazing. I have no words that will actually do justice to the experience I had. I felt totally in control, I  was excited for the contractions, I crowned without worries midwives and dr did not even realise cos I was in my own little world breathing and concentrating. I pushed in all the right effort and places and my baby came after labouring for 12hrs once my waters had been broken in 30min of pushing facing the wrong way and screaming with a lust for life that brought me the utmost joy. I will never forget how instrumental you were in making this experience as it was. I would labour again a thousand times it was incredible.”

A “I was booked for induction a week before the due date with the only risk factor being my age. I have had a great pregnancy with no complications apart from bub going breech at 36 weeks. He turned successfully after an ECV. I was anxious arriving for the induction but in reflection, it was an extraordinarily worthwhile approach. First stage involved a balloon Cooks catheter that helps to soften the cervix. Unfortunately this turned bub breech again and I was being encouraged to consider a Caesarian. After months of preparing my mind and body for a natural delivery, I requested another ECV to turn bub which was successful. I had two doses of prostin to further soften the cervix 12 hours apart and to my relief bub stayed in the correct position, I moved to birth suite, they broke my waters and commenced the oxytocin infusion. 5 hours into labour I was 10cm dilated and baby arrived after 7.5 hours with me using only gas and techniques I learned through the active birthing class.

Thank you Liz for providing the prefect resources to prepare my mind, my body, my partner and my pelvic floor! I will be sure to recommend your class to friends and family in the future. It was invaluable!”

M “Throughout the whole labour, I understood and had control over the pain. I used some of the techniques you taught in your class, including matching the pain with sound (most helpful for me) and visualisations (for me it was a winter wave peaking and crashing on the beach I grew up on – a fairly obvious choice, but not something I’d planned to use before the birth). I found I didn’t need any pain relief and didn’t want any interruptions because I found my zone. I also remembered your advice about slowing down the pushing stage in a fast labour and using breathing to give the perineum time to stretch. My midwife said that this made a big difference. I didn’t tear at all. As a bonus, my baby boy latched almost straight away. It was a very beautiful and very cathartic birth.

My husband and I really can’t get over how much easier and happier this experience has been. Because the birth went so well, we bonded with our baby quickly and the newborn period so far has just felt so much more relaxed and happier.

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